Digital Scrapbooks

Bring your memories to life with the magic of digital media!

  • Wedding Video – Photo albums are great, but a digital scrapbook allows you to incorporate video, photos, text, and music from the big day into a format that will allow you to truly relive the magic again and again.
  • Farewell Video – Loved one moving away? Give them a sendoff they’ll never forget. Invite friends, family members and co-workers to share favorite memories, send best wishes, and offer sage advice your loved one will cherish forever.
  • In Memoriam – Share memories of your loved one by compiling photos and video footage into a montage set to music.
  • Happy Birthday– Invite friends and family to impart their own wishes for the guest of honor. An excellent way to make sure everyone can be a part of the celebration.
  • Congratulations on Your Retirement – Say farewell to a dear co-worker and track their journey within the company using photos, video footage, newspaper clippings, certificates, etc.

All projects include a playable DVD as well as a video file on a data disc (or provided hard drive). Pricing varies depending on the amount of material provided and editing required.